Girl in Maze

Lost/Found is proud to be working with some of the most talented artists, musicians and creative practitioners from around Perth and Kinross, and across Scotland, to produce a memorial to the lives lost during the coronavirus pandemic.

Perth and Kinross Council’s Manager of Public Programming, Anna Day, has been managing the project and has worked with families to produce the memorials on this website. The families are then 'matched' with an artist who will create a piece of work. The final result will be a memorial exhibition which will tour Perth and Kinross, which will tell those stories in music, poetry and art.

If you want to have your loved one included in the project, please call, email or use the contact form which is HERE. You can have an initial informal chat and if you decide to go ahead, a longer discussion about the person you’ve lost – who they were, their loves, likes and dislikes. The eventual piece on this website will be fully approved by you.

The names below include artists who have agreed to be considered for this project.

If you’re a creative practitioner or maker and want to be involved in the project, please email Anna Day

Karen Strang, Artist

Finn Anderson, Musician

Andy Jackson, Poet

David Macfarlane, Musician

Sarah Louise Marshall, Artist

Jonathan Mitchell, Artist

Esther Kent, Artist

(Image by Esther Kent)